Web Host Service & Support

The words “service” and “support” usually aren’t among the first from somebody’s mouth when describing your average web hosting company. But fortunately this is changing, and is in fact the greatest asset any web hosting company can have.

A friendly, personal representative who is happy to answer your questions and honestly help with a problem will almost guarantee the success of a web hosting company. Many web hosts are realising this, and now there is absolutely no reason to put up with bad service from a web hosting company, because there are many others who will be more than happy to show you due respect in return for your business.

The best way to test a web hosting company’s level of service is with an initial email. Enquire about something not described in full on their website, and judge the response you receive. Look for:

  • A courteous, personalised answer to your question that deals precisely with your question, and not a vague topic surrounding it, suggesting the response was a generic copy-and-paste
  • The representative’s full name in the email
  • Full contact details including phone number
  • A timely reply
  • Presentation

A web host with a phone number (that actually has a real, live person on the other end) allows a more personal touch to your communication. But realise some cheap web hosting companies choose not to offer telephone sales or support in order to keep costs low, and if you’re content on using email, you may find their email support well exceeds the telephone manner of some larger web hosts.

24-hour, 7-day support is expected from large web hosts, but often unrealistic for a budget web host. The importance of your website’s availability will help determine whether or not this level of support is necessary.

Sometimes, a web host—especially a small one—can have a Really Bad Day™. It is important to understand that whilst the web host should always be courteous, as a customer we should treat the tech at the other end with just as much respect as we expect from them. We, as customers, are not always right, and often really do not understand a problem; so it is important to keep this in mind before abusing the poor person at the other end of the line. By maintaining a friendly, understanding demeanour, we are encouraging the same from the web hosting company. Service does work both ways!