Free Domain Name Registration

Free domain name registration offerings can be a fantastic way to inexpensively launch a new online business, while keeping your costs down. Many web hosting companies will offer free domain name registration with some hosting packages, especially those hosts which also happen to be domain name registrars.

There are some things you will need to keep in mind when looking to purchase web hosting that comes with a free domain name; as the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”.

Disadvantages of free domain name registration:

  • The host may register themselves as the owner — This is a common ploy of web hosts that offer a free domain name with a package as an enticement to sign up with their web hosting service. The primary danger with this is that they may hold your domain name for ransom when it comes time to renew your web hosting package. Ensure you are listed as the registrant and the administrative contact on the domain name, because if ever there is a problem, your name in these two contacts will ensure you will be able to easily transfer the domain name to another registrar, and another web host.
  • The domain may cost you a lot to renew — By offering you a domain name free of charge, the web host may try to recoup their initial cost of buying the domain name on your behalf by charging an exorbitant fee when it comes time to renew the domain name. Check before getting into a free domain name registration arrangement as to how much it will cost you in future years to renew.

Advantages of free domain name registration:

  • Cheap — Well, not cheap… FREE! This advantage is obvious!
  • Convenient — Having your web hosting and domain name in one neat bundle makes it much easier to remember what to renew the next year. Website owners are bombarded with fake domain name registration renewals and scams, so having both your domain name and web hosting with the same service provider makes it easier to weed out the fraudsters.
  • Quick & Easy - If your domain name & website happens to be event related, that is it won’t be needing to be registered the following year… a free domain name with a web hosting package is a quick and easy solution.

If you are considering taking up the offer of a free domain name, consider your options carefully, and ask the right questions to ensure you don't get caught out.