Web Host Guarantees & Refunds

Web hosting companies are highly competitive, and are also plagued by dodgy web hosting providers that provide inadequate stability for their customers.

As a result, many web hosts offer service guarantees and refunds. This is great for the customer because it inspires confidence and assurance when choosing a web host.

A web host may offer a guarantee on the performance of their web servers. This is usually in the form of an uptime guarantee in which the customer is refunded a portion of their bill if the web server is down for a certain length of time.

Many web hosts have a refund policy allowing dissatisfied customers to claim their money back (sometimes less the setup fee) if they do not feel the web host performed up to standard. This gives the customer confidence that the web host takes their customer service seriously enough they are willing to back it up with cash.

Choosing a web host that provides these types of guarantees and refunds should provide some reassurance, but in no way actually guarantees the web host will perform to their said standard. It is still crucial to choose carefully because moving from one web host to another is irritating at the least and expensive and inconveniencing at the worst.