Domain Name Search

Domain name selection is a difficult process. Every good domain name has already been taken, and without resorting to hyphens or net/org domains, finding a domain name that sounds good and is easy to remember is nearly impossible.

Fortunately, there are several online resources available to make domain names easier to find:

  • DirectNIC Expired Domain Names: Receive a daily list of every domain name that has expired that day. The domain name lists are huge, so be prepared to spend a lot of time sifting through them; but you certainly can’t get a more comprehensive list than this! Free service.
  • BetterWhois: An effective domain name lookup tool. BetterWhois queries every whois database, allowing you to check whois and nameserver details, and check if a domain name is available. Free service.
  • Whois Source: A domain name availability tool allowing you to enter a keyword and return all registered and deleted domains containing that keyword. Also allows you to filter domain name search results by length, numerals and hyphens. Whois Source also features an IP-lookup tool, where – given a domain name or IP address – it will return all domain names sharing the same IP address. This part of the website requires you to register (free of charge). Free service.
  • Deleted Domains: Will return recently deleted domains based on a keyword you search for. Free service.