Web Host Server Location

The physical location of a web host will impact the response time to its visitors.

If your web host is located in the United States, a visitor from the UK will experience a noticeable delay compared to a US visitor using the same speed connection.

This is an important consideration because if your visitors are primarily from the UK, you may want to choose a UK web hosting company over a US web host. If your business’ market lives mostly in the same country as you, you are better off choosing a web host whose physical servers are also in your country.

You should also consider your proximity to the web hosting company’s web servers. If you need to make frequent updates to the website, and are often transferring many large files, the speed difference between a web host in your country and a web host in a different country will be significant. Even with a broadband connection, uploading many files to a web server in a different country will prove frustrating. This should be considered when choosing a web hosting company.