.com Domain Name Registration

In a global sense, the dot-com domain name is by far the most popular and recognised.

This means it is the most valuable, hence the most desirable, hence the one most difficult to find in a good name. Most of them are taken; in fact, precious few dictionary-word domain names remain.

The .com domain name stands for commercial. Its purpose is to partake in commercial activity, but as with all every TLD, the buyer can use it for whatever purpose they see fit.

It is the expected domain name extension for a United States-based website or business. Websites doing business in other countries are expected to have a domain name extension corresponding to their country; for example, the United Kingdom is .co.uk, Australia is .com.au and Russia is .ru.

If you are a website whose target audience is global, or you sell primarily to US-based customers, it is generally recommended to purchase a .com domain name.