Web Host Control Panel

Many web hosting companies, especially those who use preconfigured web servers such as Cobalt RAQ, will provider a control panel as a web-based interface to your web hosting account features.

These are handy for both the simple management features of your web hosting account, such as configuring email addresses; as well as more advanced features, such as creating mailing lists or changing MX records.

Your web host’s control panel will often let you purchase additional features, more disk space, more data transfers, etc. from your web hosting provider.

Some popular control panels include:

Free control panels include:

cPanel is the most popular among web hosting companies, and allows you to customise the look-and-feel of the control panel using themes.

Ask your prospective web hosting provider if they have a web server control panel such as the above on your web hosting account. If they do not, you will often need to ask your web host to perform simple tasks such as creating new email accounts.