Web Host Storage Space

The amount of disk space, in megabytes (MB), you are permitted to use in a chosen web hosting plan.

The size of your website and the types of files it stores determine how much storage space you are likely to need with your web hosting account. This can range from 2MB to 200MB, and usually more can be purchased by the megabyte.

Some web hosts offer unlimited storage space. Many have myriad conditions imposed upon this offer making it almost worthless, however for certain circumstances it may be ideal. Consider, however, that by removing limits on disk space, a web host is opening itself up to abuse by a customer using up the entire hard disk with large files. This poses significant problems for all other users on that web server, and will often affect their email, website availability and log files, and can even cause database errors and security issues. This should be taken into account when choosing a web host that offers unlimited storage space, and the web host should be queried regarding the steps they have taken to prevent this type of abuse.

Smaller web hosts may be open to negotiation on storage space, so keep this in mind if a particular web host’s plan does not seem to exactly meet your requirements.