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We're not here to sell you a web site hosting package. Nor a domain name. We do not run, nor are we affiliated with, any web hosts.

Rather, we'd like to present as much information as we possibly can about how web hosting works, how to choose a web host service, and whatever other goodies we can conjure up along the way.

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Web hosting in a nutshell

A web host is, in its simplest form, a computer that is always connected to the internet. This lets others access its files at any time. With luck, this computer will be merely one of many, it will be more stable than a horse's bed, and its connection to the internet will be very, very fast. You pay the web host for the privelage of storing your website in their computer (the server), and the amount you pay will be dictated by the amount of bandwidth you are allocated, how much disk space you're allowed to use, and the general quality of the web host.

The domain name—that www.thingummy.com you type into your browser—is a separate issue, and is purchased from a domain registrar. This may just happen to be the same company from whom you are purchasing web hosting services, or your web host may be a reseller for one, but the distinction is important. You should ensure you have control over the domain name purchasing process, because you'll want to make certain you are in fact listed as the owner of the domain name.

Armed with the basic knowledge of what a web host is and how it can help you, please peruse the information on our website and feel comfortable knowing you are capable of making a more informed decision about your next web hosting company.