Our Internet Marketing Success Stories

At cityofcairns.com we strive to create the best solution for your website, based mainly on your business as a whole.

In the years we have been in business, we have had many success stories of which we would like to share a few:

Rebranding of Independent Used Car Sales Group

The best solution is not always expensive

In order to improve sales incoming from their website one of Queensland’s largest independent used car dealers came to us cityofcairns.com to help increase their site’s rankings. After much review of their web sites we noticed that their overall business strategy had ways to improve that went beyond simple Search Engine Optimisation.

The client had three separate websites for each of their three locations which was also how they were branded. Also the functionality of the websites was keeping potential visitors from being able to search the website effectively.

The rebranding of the business helped them to:

  • Consolidate three websites into one with three times the amount of inventory
  • Save money on web related costs including maintenance
  • Have their entire car stock indexed by search engines
  • Inform users if one location did not have a particular car, and if it is available at a different location

Once the changes were completed:

  • The site rose to the top 2 in the search engine results
  • The site traffic increased
  • The conversion rate increased
  • the client acquisition cost decreased
  • ROI Increased
  • Website maintenance decreased to one third of the original annual spend
  • Overall sales increased

In this case we were confined to the original design, so we instead put all of the available budget for this project into an upgraded database, new search fields, and a Google AdWords campaign once it was complete. The results experienced here had a great effect for our client, and as a result they now have a marketing budget allowing them to add TV advertising to their marketing campaign.

Accommodation and Tour Booking Company

What’s in a Name

A client who had web design, SEO, and an AdWords Campaign created, was experiencing an ROI that was less than typical. With that in mind we began to decipher exactly what the problem could be checking various things, such as: design attributes, functionality, content appeal, and AdWords tests. In the end AdWords provided very valuable information. We setup an AdWords on their domain, and created an identical account on a different domain. The thought was that their name was tour based, and since they were trying to sell accommodations people would not click on a tour based domain name. By creating duplicate campaigns with the only difference being the display URL we were able to judge the relationship of people who viewed the ad vs the number of people who clicked the ad, commonly referred to as CTR, and expressed as a percentage.

For the tour based domain name the CTR was averaging .84%, while the non tour based domain name was averaging well over 3.4% CTR. This data confirmed statistically that the company should invest in domain names that more accurately reflected the product they are providing.

Success is not a given

One thing we have learned from our years of helping companies with their businesses is; even if you have the best business concept and web design, success is not a given. That is the reason why cityofcairns.com is determined to do more than build a website. Since we began in this business we have been helping clients build their businesses. Internet marketing is just one of the many ways we can help deliver your business needs.

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