Website Development Prices

Our pricing is structured to allow any business a profitable online presence.

Websites include...

  • Full graphic design concept
  • Website development
  • Contact/booking/order form
  • Search engine optimisation for one month
  • Advice on how to actively promote your new website

The form below can you give an idea of pricing for your website — simply fill in how many pages you would like for your website and it will give you a quote amount. If you’re unsure about anything or would like to chat about our prices, please don’t hesitate to drop us a friendly email or phone us on (07) 4033 7811.

New Website Prices


Our web design prices aim to be fair to all parties. The website’s initial planning and design concept is a simple $1400, which includes any changes to the design (within reason) if it’s not quite what you were after. Then, rather than charging a flat per-page fee (which penalises an organised client) we charge only for how long the development takes.

If the text is typed, the images are scanned, and there are few changes to the website after its construction; a new website is very affordable. And if you need more help with writing text, or you need some slides scanned, we handle this for you and simply charge for the time it takes.


An average page, including a few changes here and there, takes 1.5 hours. It could be as little as 30 minutes for a small page; it could be a couple of hours if there are complex sets of data or many images (for example, in a photo gallery).

Based on our discussions with you, we can provide an estimate of the time it will take to complete your website, and be sure not to exceed this amount without your prior permission.

Feel free to use the following form to estimate the cost of a new website with pricing guide: new website

Planning, preparation and graphic design:
Number of pages @ approx. $165 per page:

Existing Website Prices

If you have a website and need modifications, we are more than happy to help. pricing guide: existing website

Hourly rate for website modifications:
$ 110
Hourly rate for programming and database development:
$ 110
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