Rob Agar


Originally from the UK, Rob moved to the wet tropics because, frankly, it doesn’t rain enough in London. Probably the only qualified astrophysicist working at CoC, he has been programming in C++, Java, C# and any other language* he has come across since the Sinclair ZX81 was released. He is on a mission to get things done properly. Source control, orthogonal object models, unit testing. These things make Rob happy.

Rob loves: well structured code, documentation, long variable names.

Rob hates: reinventing wheels, badly.

In his spare time...

Rob enjoys karaoke, the high points so far have been Tom Jones’ Delilah in Finnish, and a memorable duet of Motörhead’s Ace of Spades [pic].

*C++, Java, C#, PHP, SQL (assorted flavours), Javascript, cg (a GPU language), Fortran, Sinclair BASIC, 8086 assembler.

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