Nicky Jurd


Nicky Jurd is a managing partner of and takes a business-focused, holistic approach to websites. She strongly believes a website should be used as a true marketing performer that enhances business, rather than a must-have advertising expense.

The process of building or redesigning a website with begins with Nicky. She consults with our clients to determine their needs, evaluates their current business model and establishes how this will best fit into an online presence. She locates the target market, ascertains what the primary product or service is, and how the website will be used to sell the product or service.

In an industry plagued with unscrupulous operators, broken promises and inexperienced whiz kids, Nicky prides herself on reliability and experience in creating aesthetically appropriate websites, and successfully implementing internet marketing techniques.

Nicky is approachable and makes the process of creating or updating a website simple and to-the-point. Rather than complicating an already technical industry with jargon, Nicky converses in a language everyone can understand. Nicky is adept at helping business people enter the online world to make their business more accessible and profitable.

Amazingly, Nicky does have spare time...

In her spare time Nicky is an enthusiastic public speaker and holds semi-regular workshops on a range of internet-related topics aimed at small business owners.

She’s previously held workshops in Far North Queensland in conjunction with the Queensland State Government, the Cairns Business Womens Club and Mareeba Chamber of Commerce.

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