Eve Seruelas

Projects Administrator/Office Goddess

Eve began her adventures with cityofcairns.com in 2006, practically straight out of university where she completed a Bachelor of IT and tutored helpless first years in the fine art of computers.

Initially employed as an office manager/administrator, Eve began taking on extra responsibilities and duties as time passed. These include the management of various project websites, web development using her skills with HTML and PHP, as well as essentially keeping the office running from day-to-day.

After migrating to Australia at the tender age of 3, Eve has lived in Cairns for most of her life, and calls wherever her family is, home. After actively defending her race’s right to be classified as Asian, Eve is proud to call herself a Filipino.


Always has to be reading a book (or two), even if she’s already read it, dances as her main and probably only source of exercise (though walking to my car counts, doesn’t it?!).

She spends as much time as she can with her family and friends, is usually attached to her camera and/or mobile phone, loves baking and eating cupcakes, rocks at Singstar and classes shopping as a lifestyle... not a hobby.

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