Ben Norris

System Administrator

Originally from Perth, has traveled around Australia 4 times while growing up with his family, before finally he settled in Cairns.

Travels didn’t stop with just around Australia as he has been around the world once (Rome, Ireland, England, Singapore) and visited the USA twice.

He started with Web Services in end of 2006 as their Systems Administrator for the Web Hosting arm of the company. He has been in the IT industry for the last 12 years starting off as a PC repairs technician before quickly being moved to the systems integrator position.

Strong points are being able to visualize networking paths and how system interconnect, learning quickly. Enjoys the challenge that computer systems can give.

Most of his time is spent with his partner a beautiful lady from Ohio as she is the source for his passion.

When Ben isn’t staring at pages of code, he enjoys...

Playing the guitar, though hasn’t picked up one in a year or so; cooking and tasting foods of all types; learning Dutch; movies and music of all sorts and gaming.

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