Belinda Vere

Graphic Designer

Belinda has happily been Graphic Designer with COC and living in the tropics for almost 2 years now. The long and winding path to the position she is now in all began in the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast. Belinda studied photography in Townsville and managed a photographic store, lived in Denmark and Italy, travelled extensively throughout Europe, and finally returned to where it all began and studied Computer Based Art and Design.

Belinda prefers to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create her designs and graphics. While HTML and CSS are specialties in the web code world; with a bit of pestering from Abhi, Smarty is also in her repertoire. She is happy to hold two official pieces of paper for her degree in Arts — majoring in Computer Based Art & Design as well as Italian — and her Associate Diploma in Applied Photography. Belinda is thankful to those around her that help expand her knowledge-base and qualifications.

When she’s not munching on pasta, she’s loving...

My partner Fabrizio and his delectable dishes, finding beauty in even the ugliest moments, bbqs with beer and fine dining with vino, my amazing and, of course, super intelligent niece and nephew and loving, supportive family (even my stinky brother), seeing new places and learning new things.

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